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10 fantastic flavours! 

Here at Cafe Cannoli we pride ourselves in using the finest Sicilian ingredients

to bring you the most authentic Sicilian cannoli possible.

We have personally sourced and import all of our major ingredients from Sicily

and have built strong relationships with our producers.

The main ingredient in all of our cannoli is sweetened sheeps milk ricotta

the way it should be!

Sheeps milk ricotta is much richer in flavour and velvety in texture

than ordinary cows milk ricotta and this makes all the difference.

It’s in a different league!!

Choose from the mouthwatering flavours below and find out for yourself.



Sweet ricotta with a blend of Belgian chocolate chip and orange filling

decorated with a candied orange strip on each end: For the purist


Sweet ricotta and lemon filling decorated

with a candied lemon strip at each endRefreshingly good


Sweet ricotta and Amarena cherry filling,

each end dipped in chocolate chips: Very Cheeky!


Sweet ricotta and pure DOP Bronte pistachio paste filling,

each end dipped in chopped DOP Bronte pistachios: For the true pistachio lover!


Sweet ricotta and pure Sicilian hazelnut paste filling, 

each end dipped in Sicilian chopped hazelnuts: No Nutella in this Goodfella!


Sweet ricotta and Sicilian almond paste, 

each end dipped in flaked Sicilian almonds: Almond heaven!


Sweet ricotta and dark chocolate filling, each end finished

with a white chocolate buttonFor the chocoholic!


Sweet ricotta and caramel filling,

each end dipped in crushed caramel biscuit: What’s not to like?

Rum and Raisin

Sweet ricotta and incredibly tasty rum and raisin flavoured filling: Yo, ho, ho!


Sweet ricotta & tiramisu filling decorated with a coffee flavoured chocolate bean: So tiramisu me!

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