9 fantastic flavours! 



Sweet ricotta with a chocolate chip filling

and a candied orange strip on each end: For the purist


Sweet ricotta and lemon filling (put a raspberry on each end

for that extra touch if you fancy!): Refreshingly good


Sweet ricotta and Amarena cherry filling,

each end dipped in chocolate chips: Very Cheeky!


Sweet ricotta and pure DOP Bronte pistachio paste filling,

each end dipped in chopped DOP Bronte pistachios: For the true pistachio lover!


Sweet ricotta and pure Sicilian hazelnut paste filling, 

each end dipped in Sicilian chopped hazelnuts: No Nutella in this Goodfella!


Sweet ricotta and Sicilian almond paste, 

each end dipped in flaked Sicilian almonds: Almond heaven!


Sweet ricotta and dark chocolate filling, each end finished with either

a white chocolate button or white chocolate chips: For the chocoholic!


Sweet ricotta and caramel filling,

each end dipped in salted caramel crispearls: What’s not to like?

Rum and Raisin

Sweet ricotta and incredibly tasty rum and raisin flavoured filling: Yo, ho, ho!


Award winning traditional Sicilian cannoli

Freshly piped from Carlotta the Cannoli Cart


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